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So, Why A Centralized Gig Management Platform?

Let’s face it — booking and managing gigs without a streamlined system is like trying to play a complex musical piece with no training. It's chaotic and overwhelming.

That’s Where BookLive Comes In.

BookLive simplifies the process, helping you secure new gigs while directing you, your clients, and your musicians towards organized and successful performances.

BookLive Is The Secret To Your Booking Success

It's the difference between countless musicians struggling to secure gigs that pay them what they're worth and the few musicians who effortlessly book and manage high-value performances!

Without BookLive

  • Overwhelmed With Details
  • ​Missed Opportunities
  • ​Disorganized Communication
  • ​Payment Uncertainties​

With BookLive

  • Streamlined Management
  • Maximized Bookings
  • Clear Communication
  • Guaranteed Payments

Do You Like Feeling In Control Of Your Music Career?

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BookLive "Tunes" Your Gigs to Perfection!

We're the pioneering gig management platform designed to empower musicians, giving them full control over their careers. Not only does it seamlessly connect them with venues, event planners, and clients, but it also links them with fellow musicians, ensuring they dictate the rhythm of their success!

If you've ever admired one of the top-tier gigging acts across the country, chances are they're orchestrating their success with BookLive!

But That’s Not All BookLive Does…

BookLive Gives You Everything You Need To Market, Book And Perform Your Music…

All In One Convenient Spot!

BookLive Is…

Your Act Dashboard

Managing multiple gigs and keeping track of performance statuses used to be chaotic. Now, get a comprehensive view of all your bookings in one place!

With the All-In-One Act Dashboard, you can...

  • Quickly view all upcoming performances and their current status.
  • ​Ensure no double bookings and efficiently manage multiple events in a day.
  • ​Stay organized and prepared for every gig, every time.

BookLive Replaces:

  • Calendar Apps
  • ​Task Managers
  • ​Performance Trackers​

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Learn More About All-in-One Act Dashboards

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Learn More About Automatic Musician Scheduling

BookLive Is…

Your Musician Scheduler

Gone are the days of endless calls and texts to coordinate with your musicians. Automate and streamline the scheduling process!

With Automatic Musician Scheduling, you can...

  • Send one-click staffing requests to musicians in your preferred order.
  • ​Automatically move to the next musician if one declines, ensuring full staffing.
  • ​Allow performers to request their own substitutes effortlessly.

BookLive Replaces:

  • Manual Call Lists
  • ​Separate Scheduling Apps
  • ​Text Messaging Chains

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Learn More About Automatic Musician Scheduling

BookLive Is…

Your Setlist Builder

Crafting the perfect setlist for each gig used to be tedious. Now, customize and share setlists with ease!

With the Setlist Builder, you can...

  • ​Organize and manage your group’s library of songs.
  • ​Share songs, sheet music, lyrics, and chord charts with fellow performers.
  • ​Reuse successful setlists without starting from scratch.

BookLive Replaces:

  • Spreadsheet Song Lists
  • ​Separate File Sharing Platforms
  • ​Manual Setlist Creation

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Learn More About the Setlist Builder

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Learn More About Client Portals

BookLive Is…

Your Client Portal

Collaborating with clients on gig details used to involve endless emails. Now, centralize all client interactions in one place!

With the Client Portal, you can...

  • Allow clients to make payments and adjust setlists directly.
  • ​Collaborate on a unified timeline for performances.
  • ​Give clients the power to choose their own playlist from your library.

BookLive Replaces:

  • ​Separate Payment Platforms
  • ​Email Threads
  • ​Manual Client Coordination

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Learn More About Automatic Musician Scheduling

BookLive Is…

Your Contract Platform

Drafting, sending, and getting contracts signed used to be a lengthy process. Now, streamline all your contract needs!

With the Contract Manager, you can...

  • ​​Use provided templates or import your own for quick contract creation.
  • ​Pre-fill contracts with event-specific details to avoid mistakes.
  • ​Collect digital signatures effortlessly.

BookLive Replaces:

  • Standalone Contract Software
  • Physical Contract Signing
  • ​Manual Contract Drafting

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Learn More About the Contract Manager

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Learn More About the Gig Payment Collector

BookLive Is…

Your Payment Collector

Chasing clients for payments used to be a hassle. Now, automate and secure all your gig-related payments!

With the Gig Payment Collector, you can...

  • Set up gig charges and initial deposits with ease.
  • ​Prompt clients to pay immediately upon contract signing.
  • ​Configure automatic final balance collection before the gig.

BookLive Replaces:

  • ​​Separate Payment Gateways
  • ​Manual Payment Reminders
  • ​In-Person Payment Collections

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Learn More About Automatic Musician Scheduling

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BookLive Gives You Everything You Need To Market, Book And Perform Your Music…

Contract Management

Streamline the creation, sending, and signing of contracts (Seal the deal!)

Gig Payment Collector

Automate deposit and final balance collection (Secure your payments!)

Music Library Organizer

Organize and share your repertoire with ease (Keep your songs in order!)

Review Collector

Automatically gather and manage reviews after each gig (Boost your reputation!)

Partnership Builder

Discover and build relationships with venues and event planners (Expand your opportunities!)

Resource Library

Access a wealth of industry resources and guides (Stay informed!)

Fulltime Music Academy Facebook group

Connect and collaborate with fellow musicians (Join our community!)

Fulltime Music Academy Courses

Unlock exclusive training on music marketing (Level up your skills!)

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Join 3,000+ musicians who are actively using BookLive to effortlessly manage their gigs, connect with clients, and showcase their talent to the world!

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What Real Customers Say About BookLive

“BookLive is the most valuable tool in our toolbox to keep gigs organized and help Viva la Strings grow and expand. From contracting, communicating with clients, to collecting $, planning the music, assigning musicians and distributing sheet music, I can't imagine my business without BookLive now!”

Pendra Lee Snyder, Verified BookLive User

Frequently Asked Questions

What is BookLive, and what does it do?
BookLive is an all-in-one centralized gig management platform designed for musicians, bands, and performers. It streamlines the process of booking, scheduling, managing contracts, collecting payments, and more.

Is BookLive suitable for solo musicians and bands of all sizes?
Yes, BookLive caters to soloists, small groups, and large bands with deep rosters. It's scalable to meet the needs of musicians at every level.

Am I locked into a long-term contract?
No, you're not locked into a long-term contract with BookLive. We offer a flexible monthly subscription service, which means you have the freedom to use our platform on a month-to-month basis. There are no long-term commitments, allowing you to adapt your subscription to your needs as they evolve. Whether you're a solo musician or a band, you can enjoy the benefits of BookLive without the burden of a lengthy contract.

Can I manage multiple cities or configurations with BookLive?
Absolutely! BookLive allows you to set up multiple rosters and configure them to suit various cities or performance types.

How does the Automatic Musician Scheduling feature work?
The Automatic Musician Scheduling feature lets you send staffing requests to musicians in your preferred order. If someone declines, it automatically moves to the next musician until the performance is fully staffed.

Is BookLive compatible with various music genres and occasions?
Yes, you can organize your music library into collections based on genres, occasions (e.g., weddings, holidays), or instrument configurations (e.g., quartet, trio).

Can I attach sheet music, lyrics, videos, and audio to my songs in BookLive?
Absolutely! You can attach various media types to your songs, making it easy to share them with your fellow performers and clients.

How does the Client Portal feature enhance collaboration with clients?
The Client Portal allows clients to make payments and adjust setlists directly. You can also collaborate on a unified timeline for performances, ensuring seamless communication.

What is the benefit of using BookLive's Contract Management feature?
With Contract Management, you can streamline the creation, sending, and signing of contracts. It offers templates and digital signatures, making the process efficient and error-free.

How does the Gig Payment Collector feature simplify payment collection?
The Gig Payment Collector automates deposit and final balance collection, ensuring you get paid promptly. Clients are prompted to pay upon booking, and you can configure automatic final balance collection.

What platforms does BookLive integrate with for review collection?
BookLive allows you to gather and manage reviews from your clients. You can also integrate with other review platforms like Google My Business, WeddingWire, and The Bash to maximize your online reputation.

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