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Craft and Share Perfect Setlists with Ease and Precision!

Introducing the Setlist Builder: BookLive's intuitive tool to manage your song library and effortlessly share setlists. Elevate your gig preparation by customizing performances, distributing essential materials, and ensuring every musician is in perfect harmony.

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Struggling with Disorganized Setlists and Last-Minute Gig Preparations?

Every musician knows the challenge: crafting the perfect setlist, ensuring everyone has the right materials, and making last-minute changes can be a logistical nightmare. The scramble to distribute sheet music, lyrics, and chord charts can lead to miscommunications and missed opportunities, affecting the quality of the performance.

Imagine the stress of realizing a key song is missing from the setlist or the frustration when a band member doesn't have the right version of the sheet music. These oversights can lead to disjointed rehearsals, unprepared performances, and a less-than-stellar experience for your audience.

But now, when you sign up for BookLive, you’ll get our amazing Setlist Builder feature for FREE! Dive into a world of organized, streamlined gig preparations, ensuring every performance is meticulously planned and every musician is perfectly prepared.

Let Me Show You How It Works…

Seamless Overview of Upcoming Gigs

With the All-In-One Act Dashboard, every upcoming performance is displayed in a clear and organized manner. Feel the relief of knowing exactly what's on the horizon, allowing you to prepare and perform at your best.

Real-Time Performance Status Updates

Stay in the loop with instant updates on each performance. From contract signings to payment statuses, every detail is at your fingertips. Experience the confidence of always being in the know, ensuring smooth interactions with clients and venues.

Never Miss a Beat with Staffing

The dashboard provides a comprehensive view of staffing for each gig, ensuring you're never caught off guard. Embrace the peace of mind that comes from knowing every performance is adequately staffed, guaranteeing top-notch shows every time.

Masterfully Manage Multiple Gigs

Whether you're avoiding double bookings or handling multiple events in a day, the dashboard is your trusted ally. Feel the thrill of maximizing your potential, as the system effortlessly helps you navigate and manage multiple performances, ensuring every event is a hit.

Comprehensive Song Library at Your Fingertips

With BookLive's Setlist Builder, effortlessly compile and organize every song your act can perform. Attach essential materials like sheet music, lyrics, chord charts, videos, recordings, and even backing tracks. Dive into a world where every resource is just a click away, ensuring you're always performance-ready.

Reuse Your Best Setlists with Ease

Found that perfect setlist that resonates with every audience? With BookLive, there's no need to recreate magic. Reuse your top-performing setlists for multiple gigs, ensuring consistent, crowd-pleasing performances without the repetitive setup.

Automatic Setlist Sharing for Seamless Coordination

Once you've crafted the perfect setlist, BookLive takes over, automatically sharing it with all your performers. Feel the relief of knowing everyone is on the same page, with the most up-to-date setlist, ensuring synchronized and harmonious performances every time.

Intelligent Sheet Music Distribution

BookLive isn't just smart; it's intuitive. When distributing sheet music and other attachments, it ensures each performer receives only what's relevant to them. Say goodbye to confusion and clutter, and imagine the joy of your cellist never mistakenly receiving a first violin's sheet music again.

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What Real Customers Say About BookLive

“BookLive is the most valuable tool in our toolbox to keep gigs organized and help Viva la Strings grow and expand. From contracting, communicating with clients, to collecting $, planning the music, assigning musicians and distributing sheet music, I can't imagine my business without BookLive now!”

Pendra Lee Snyder, Verified BookLive User

BookLive Gives You Everything You Need To Market, Book And Perform Your Music…

Plus a Setlist Builder to Simplify and Share Your Repertoire.

Contract Management

Streamline the creation, sending, and signing of contracts (Seal the deal!)

Gig Payment Collector

Automate deposit and final balance collection (Secure your payments!)

Music Library Organizer

Organize and share your repertoire with ease (Keep your songs in order!)

Review Collector

Automatically gather and manage reviews after each gig (Boost your reputation!)

Partnership Builder

Discover and build relationships with venues and event planners (Expand your opportunities!)

Resource Library

Access a wealth of industry resources and guides (Stay informed!)

Fulltime Music Academy Facebook group

Connect and collaborate with fellow musicians (Join our community!)

Fulltime Music Academy Courses

Unlock exclusive training on music marketing (Level up your skills!)

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the primary function of the Setlist Builder feature?
The Setlist Builder in BookLive allows users to effortlessly create, customize, and share setlists with their musicians. It provides a centralized spot to manage your group's library of songs, distribute sheet music, lyrics, and other essential materials, and tailor each performance's setlist according to the event's requirements.

Can I reuse a setlist for multiple performances?
Absolutely! If you've crafted a setlist that resonates well with audiences, you can save it and reuse it for multiple performances. This means you won't have to recreate it from scratch each time, saving you both time and effort.

How does the Setlist Builder ensure that the right materials are shared with the right performers?
The Setlist Builder is smart enough to distribute materials based on the specific roles of your performers. For instance, a cellist won't receive sheet music meant for a first violin. This ensures that each musician receives only the relevant materials, reducing confusion and streamlining preparations.

Can clients access and modify the setlist for their events?
Yes, if you choose to allow it, clients can view and pick songs from your music library for their events. This feature is especially beneficial for events like weddings, where clients might want a more hands-on approach in selecting the music to be played.

How does the Setlist Builder integrate with the rest of BookLive's features?
The Setlist Builder seamlessly integrates with other BookLive features, such as the Music Library Organizer and Client Portal. This ensures a cohesive experience, from selecting songs and building setlists to sharing them with clients and performers, making the entire process smooth and efficient.


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